How To Do More Exercise - The Easy Way

So many articles these days include intense gym workouts and long and confusing cardio sessions that leave people feeling a little flabbergasted to say the least. What a lot of people in fitness don't realise that before embarking on this long fitness journey, sometimes the first steps need to be small ones and getting people to fit more exercise into their daily routine is one way to go about it. So i've come up with a few things you can do to fit exercise into your daily routine without having to spend 2 hours a day in the gym...

Walk more 

How many of you can say that you do anyway near 10,000 steps a day on average? I know that I struggle sometimes, it isn't easy if your job involves sitting on your backside for most of the time. If this is the case I suggest you get yourself some sort of fitness watch to track your steps. Since having my FitBit I've become much more aware of how much I walk and on days when it's not a lot, I make myself get up and walk about. If you do sit down most of the day, try getting up and going for a short walk every 30 minutes, or instead of taking the lift all of the time, take the stairs. I can guarantee that the little things add up. Another thing to do is set yourself little tasks, like do 10 squats every time you make a cup of tea, it may look ridiculous at first but no one will be laughing when you've got a Beyonce bum. 

Be a morning person 

Now I know this is a big ask for some people who really do not like the mornings, but if you are one to put off exercise, getting it over and done with in the morning can be a good solution. A lot of us spend our mornings sat in front of the TV eating cereal, but what about nipping to the gym before work and feeling fresh for the day ahead. If this is too much to ask, make some space in your home and do a home workout in front of the TV. And even if that looks like a step too far for now, get up and do 15 mins of yoga when you get out of bed.....compromise. 

Utilise your lunch break

So many gyms these days offer lunch time classes so make the most of them and head down for a quick 30 minute sweat session. Again, this is another time when you would maybe not be doing anything important and you can fit in a little workout a few times a week. Bring along friends from work, or start a little running club where some of you go for a run on your lunch break (so long as there as showers somewhere). This will also help you to feel more refreshed during the afternoon when most people start drooling at their desk. 

No car? No problem 

If you are within walking/cycling distance of work why don't you try leaving your car at home a few days a week and taking a more active mode of transport. My cycle to work is only 10 minutes but it's still exercise at the end of the day and clears my head. If you commute and this isn't possible, exchange the car for a walk when you need to nip to the shops, and if you live completely in the middle of nowhere, go and get some fresh air in the countryside. 

Bring a friend along 

If you've told your friend that you are meeting them at 6:30 for the legs. bums and tums class it is more likely that you are going to go than if you were on your own because you don't want to let that person down. Yes you're right it's like guilt tripping yourself into going to the gym. Hopefully, exercise should never be that horrific that you have to force yourself to do it all of the time, but sometimes when you just need that kick, a friend can be a good way to push you. 

If you're looking for some home workouts feel free to comment on this post or email me at and I can send you over some plans. 


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