Be the best you wanna be

Right now it's time for snuggling by the fire and spending the evenings doing absolutely nothing apart from eating and watching films. But 2018 is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about what you're going to do to improve your well-being throughout the coming year and more importantly, how you're going to stick to it. So many of us start January so determined but by late February we're back to our old ways, it's time to make goals more achievable and here's how...

1. Baby steps

You may have a big goal in mind for 2018 like lose 2 stone or climb Mont Blanc, but if that's you're only goal and there's no in between, it's pretty hard to envisage how you're going to get there. If you've got a big goal, make lots of little goals to help you get there; if you want to lose two stone write out how you are going to get there, for example: 

.In 1 month I want to lose half a stone, I will do this by doing 5 HIIT classes a week and cutting out alcohol in January. 

If you make smaller goals, it makes the bigger one seem more attainable, plus if you write down exactly how you're going to get there it makes the goal much clearer and much harder to deviate from. 

2. Do something you'll actually enjoy 

What's the point in making you goal to go to the gym 5 times a week if you hate the gym? It ain't gonna happen. The whole point of creating a New Year's resolution is to improve yourself and you won't be doing that by forcing yourself to do something, sure you may lose weight but you won't have enjoyed the journey. If you love netball, join a netball team and get fit that way, or join your University dance club, anything is better that nothing and more'll enjoy it. 

3. Don't go it alone 

I can guarantee that someone else you know has a similar goal to you so why not help each other out? If you've got a friend by your side it makes it a whole lot easier to keep aiming for your goal, you can motivate each other to keep going and encourage one another to stay strong. Other thing such as using apps to track your progress and share it on social media make you accountable for your goal and your friends and family can follow you on your journey. 

4. All the gear 

No one has ever wanted to workout more than someone with a new pair of trainer. FACT. New Year new you right? Well kit yourself out in brand new gear to keep you motivated during the hard winter months. Something that I do is buy workout gear I wouldn't normally wear so I can surprise myself looking fab in it once I've reached my goal..... and that means sports bras. You can buy what i'm wearing in this blog from Pretty Little Thing

5. Spend a little YOU time 

If you've spent 2017 running after other people trying to be a people pleaser (as most people do) your main goal should be to focus more energy on yourself. This can be as simple as taking a bath once a week with your favourite bubble bath and reading a magazine, or maybe taking up a hobby that you've not yet had the time for. Anything that makes you feel better because until you start looking after yourself, you won't be able to help others, self love is key. 


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