Medicine Ball Workout

The medicine ball is the perfect piece of gym equipment to do a full body workout with. There are usually quite a lot of them around so even if the gym is crazy busy, grab yourself one and you can still get a good workout done.

I’ve come up with a workout you can do at the gym, or maybe get a medicine ball of your own and you can do it anywhere from the comfort of your home to a nice outdoor space.


Goblet Squats

Reverse lunges

Hip Bridges

Ball Slam


Push Ups

Side Chop

Wall Throw

Triceps Extensions


Wall Sit



Russian Twist

The great thing about medicine balls is that they come in all different weights, so you can choose to do heavier weights and lower reps or lighter weight and higher reps, it just adds a bit more to your average bodyweight workout. Choose two exercises from each body part and make a circuit of your own:

Goblet Squats
Ball Slam
Push ups
Tricep Extensions
Wall Sit

Repeat each exercise for 30 seconds, no rest between and then give yourself a 1 min rest when the circuit is completed. Do the circuit 5 times for a strong 15 minute workout.

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