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Gym clothes need to be comfy, if you wear leggings that ride low, tops that rise or a sports bra that just doesn't fit you can't exercise properly. But that doesn't mean you can't look good. With the recent popularity of exercise exploding, it means there are more and more options and even normal high street stores have brought out their own gym lines. So, i've complied a list of my favourite gym items of the year so far...

Pink Soda Sport Sports Bra & Leggings @ JD Women

I love Pink Soda because the leggings are high waisted so they never fall down, plus they keep you all tucked in, and you have to get the matching top…

Adidas Hoodie @ Topshop

Adidas Bag @Adidas

Nike Bag @ John Lewis

Nike Trainers @ JD

As for the trainers, I chose the Nike Flex for weight lifting as they have a thin sole, which is better when lifting heavier weights, if you have a thick sole your legs aren't being utilised properly. The Nike Free TR are better for high impact sports such as jumping and running as they have a thicker sole to absorb shock.

Bubble coats are here to stay, however I went for a less fashionable are more useful coat to wear in the vicious UK weather at the moment. Bubble coats are made for cold weather, so they are perfect to throw on when you’re out and about between the gym.

As you may be able to tell I’m into my darker colours and plain gym gear, which is why I added the Adidas bag to add a splash of colour, plus I just thought it was quite pretty. If you click on each of the item labels under the photos you’ll be sent straight through to the item link, sports shopping has never been so easy! 

Eryn x 

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