Leg day anywhere

One of the biggest excuses for not exercising is not having the time to go to the gym, but what if I told you there were workouts you can do at home, in the park, anywhere..then you've got no excuse. There are so many things that you can do to keep fit without evening having to step out of your front door and they will leave you feeling like you've achieved something great, even if it is just 15 minutes each day. So I've created a short video of leg exercises you can do in a variety of places that leave you one step closer to getting fitter.

Split Squats
Bench Burpees 
Calf Raises 
Sumo Squats 
Pile Squats 
Jump Lunges 
Diamond Lunges 
Side Lunges 

You can vary the exercises, do them in reps or timed, that't the beauty of these exercises, they don't have to be boring because you can mix and match...

Tabata workout: 

20 seconds squats 
10 second rest 
20 seconds side lunges 
10 second rest 

repeat 4 times 

20 seconds sumo squats 
10 seconds rest 
20 seconds pile squats 
10 second rest


10 split squats each leg 
10 jump lunges 
10 side lunges 
10 jump lunges 
10 sumo squats 
10 jump lunges 
10 calf raises 
10 jump lunges 
10 burpees 
10 jump lunges 

Repeat 3-5 times 

Eryn x 

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  1. Awesome! This is going to be helpful to my sister. She keeps scribing about her body that she doesn’t have nice legs. I told her about these exercises. Now, will share it with her so that she can start buying the Workout Leggings and begin with it.