Where to binge on health

Health kitchens are popping up everywhere recently, which is obviously a fantastic thing and shows that times are changing, gone is the time when you want to go out for a meal and you have to choose between a KFC and a McDonalds. The Health and Fitness Kitchen in Trafford Park is my favourite place to go  (especially for the breakfast) and with their new menu launch, you need to try it too. 

So, why The Health and Fitness Kitchen? Most health restaurants I find have quite bland food, it literally is just meat and two vegetables with your classic 'sweet potato fries', the meat isn't cooked particularly well and it's not worth paying for when you can just do it yourself at home. It's not the same here. The head chef is a trained in five star French dining and with a past like that you can tell the food is going to be good. They have created some really interesting recipes such as triple threat oven baked pesto chicken and thai infused fresh tuna steak, meals you wouldn't be getting in other places similar to this. It's not just about the taste as well, they pay the most attention to detail and serve your food in ways you'd expect to get in a 5* restaurant and not in Trafford Park. 

Don't be alarmed by how spectacular it sounds though, when you walk in you get the friendliest vibe from the staff and it has the atmosphere of an American family diner. Yes, there are lots of big men in there eating, but everyone is super nice and you feel at ease instantly. Whether you're coming for a big breakfast or grabbing a box on your lunch break, it is a great place to suit everyone's needs. 

If you're looking for a place to do your meal prep for you, look no further, they've got it ALL covered. They're known for making the meals of local celebrities and players from the Sale Sharks rugby team so they know how to cook and can tailor it to your specific macro needs. It's also a great place to pick up protein treats when you're feeling a bit naughty, but they are much better for you than a standard chocolate bar. My favourite thing about it is the breakfast. It is the place to be when you want to fill your face, I tend to go for protein waffles with sausage, bacon and maple syrup....heavenly right? 

Keep up to date with all of their goings on on Instagram @thehealthandfitnesskitchen 

Eryn x 

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