Adanola sports wear

We all know that great things come from Manchester, and one of those things is Adanola, an affordable but super stylish sportswear brand for women. If you want comfy workout wear that still looks good, you need to head over to Adanola right now and check out their new collection because it is fabulous.

(photo credit: @katiefranko) 

So, some fitness bloggers were invited to an Adanola fitness event at Leaf on Portland Street in Manchester where we were put to our fitness test and had a chance to browse the new collection. We were given a metafit class, which let me tell you, wasn’t easy. The session lasted half an hour and we did a series of bodyweight exercises until we were dripping, much harder than I expected it to be.

(my favvy tracksuit here)

After the class we got to look at the Adanola clothing and were treated to a goody bag featuring our very own cap (which is a struggle to get over my massive hair). The clothing is simple and stylish, nothing too outlandish like many sports brands can be, you wouldn’t feel out of place if you wore it walking down the street.

(get your outfit here)

Finally, we topped it off with a super healthy ginger juice that gave you the boost you needed after such an intense session. Then a few of us stayed in Leaf, which is fabulous by the way and enjoyed some delicious looking food. I wish I didn’t have tea waiting for me when I got home because the halloumi flatbread looked unreal.

If you want to take a look at the Adanola collection, visit their website here.

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