Flint + Flint Facial

A few weeks back I was well and truly pampered by the beautiful team at Flint + Flint in Harvey Nichols Manchester. I was invited down for a facial to see what they had to offer…. And it truly was the best facial I have ever had.

Situated towards the back of the store, Flint+ Flint looks like a trendy neon/gothic beauty parlour that stands out in the midst of the rest of the counters, definitely in a good way. The black pillowed walls, neon pink cross and crazy pictures draw you in immediately. It’s definitely a place of luxury and you know you’re in for an experience when you enter.

After the usual health and safety forms you have to fill in, I was told I was being given a micro-needling treatment on my face, the whole shebang. I’ll be honest, when I heard the word “needle” I sh*t myself because although I don’t mind needles, the thought of them in my face really did send shivers. But I really wasn’t what I expected, the machine was like a little roller going across your face with thousands of tiny needles in it, they are only 0.5mm each.

So, the treatment started with a crystal clear soothing cleaners followed by an exfoliation. Both were extremely relaxing and I felt like I was having a face massage at the same time. This set me up for the micro-needling treatment. The little roller was rolled across my face with a soothing gel that came out of it. This gel has collagen in and absorbs into the skin, helping it to retain its elasticity and remain youthful. The micro-needling went from my cheeks up to my forehead and then to my nose, the most painful part was the forehead because there is less to protect from your bones there, but it wasn’t distressing, just slightly uncomfortable. After this the practitioner used a little device that blew fresh oxygen onto my face which was cold but refreshing. And finally we finished with a crystal clear repair mask. 

I'd highly recommend that you give a facial a go. At first you may think it's a lot of money but what could be more important than looking after your body. It gave my skin the boost it needed and I would definitely go back for another one. 

Eryn x 

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