A weekend in London...

To celebrate my birthday last month, Simon and I took a trip to London a few weeks back, lots of walking, lots of sightseeing and lots of food. So, lets go day by day and see what London had to offer...


We arrived at Euston in the late morning, dropped our bags off at my aunty's and made lunch ready for a big day ahead. Then we took a trip down to Portobello road to see the market in all its might. It was fantastic, we strolled through the independent stores, finding so many beautiful antiques and bits and bobs, but our best buy of the day was the Fleetwood Mac record and my chocolate cherry tart of course. There were so many good shops and we even found a little health store, but my favourite was the 'Books for Cooks', every single type of cook book you could ever dream of all in one room...


The day was off to an early start with our first activity, a Sherlock Holmes walking tour. If you think it's a bit geeky that's fine, because it is, but it was actually really good. We began the tour at Piccadilly Circus and ended at Somerset House, on the way we stopped off at various different points learning about all of the different Sherlocks through from Arthur Conan Doyle's original to the BBC series. 

Then it was off to lunch in Covent Gardens at Joe's Southern Table & Bar, good old American style food. We re-fuelled on a mighty chicken burger with fries, the classic and headed back out to our next destination, the Tower of London. It's a tourist destination, but you've got to do it once and i'm glad that we did. Before we even made it to the tower we needed another snack break at Paul's where I had the a caramel tart (I'm a tart person as you can see). The Tower is a great place to visit no matter what age you are and who you're with because you get to learn so much about British history as well as see the sparkly jewels. 


As it was our final day we set off to cram in as much as we could, and it started with a visit to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. I don't think I have ever seen so many people in one place, the crowd was spectacular and you definitely need to experience it once in your life. Then we set off for a long walk to Camden, with obviously lots of stops in-between. We had a second breakfast at Cafe Concerto in Mayfair which was eggs benedict for Simon and a continental platter for me, very nice and very reasonably priced. Then, we strolled through Regent Street, I got a fab book on making your own Pukka herbal teas from Liberty's and we tried every tea we could in T2 Tea. Then we finally got to experience the green side of London with a walk through Regent's Park. It was great to see how many people stay fit for free and utulise the outdoor spaces in the city centre. And last but not least we finally made it to Camden, lots of quirky little shops and also lots of tat, but I had the best mac n' cheese ever. 


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