Everyday yoga

For the past 3 years now i've been in and out of a routine of going to weekly yoga classes, I know that you shouldn't have the excuse of not having the time but it has felt like I haven't. I have kept it going slowly but surely though because I love the feeling of a good stretch and taking the time out to focus on yourself and nothing else. For a while now, i've been doing short spurts of yoga at home as well as going to classes to make sure that I keep making some progress. So i've complied a few of my favourite simple yoga moves that I think are really good for getting you up in the morning....p.s i'm not an official yoga teacher. p.s.s make sure you keep breathing during all of the exercises. 

Sun salutation 

Start with your arms stretched over your head and slowly let your body relax and drop down, your shoulders and arms dangling. Then slowly lift your head up and make your back flat, tightening your core and drawing your shoulders back. After you have held this position for a few seconds relax your body again and then place your hands on the floor and step your feet back so you're in a plank position. Now lower your body to the floor and go into an upward dog. Finally, lie back down and lift your hips up and go into downward dog. 

Warrior pose 

I have shown two different variations of this pose, I can't go into much detail because I don't know the specific yoga terms but you want your legs to be placed about two shoulder widths apart with one leg bent into a wide lunge. Place both arms straight and look to the side that your bent leg is facing. 

In an alternate way, keep your legs and arms straight and let one arm lean over to the same leg and your fingertips touch the floor next to your foot. With both positions do them on both sides. 

Tree pose 

Bring on leg up and place your foot in the inside of your opposite leg and focus on a point to keep your balance. Keep your core tight and keep breathing to remain balanced. 

Lotus pose 

Similar to the tree pose, bring the leg up but this time place the foot in front of the opposite leg and focus on balance. Then, bend your body forward if possible and place your hands on the floor. 

Seated twist 

Place your legs straight and lift the left knee up, then bring your right arm across to the outside of the left knee and your left arm behind the body. Make sure your head is facing behind you and your back remains straight, then do the same on the opposite side. 

Cow to Cat 

Go onto your hands and knees, keeping them parallel and slowly arch your back, then lift your back up towards the air. You should get a good stretch in your lower back. 

Child's pose 

This is probably everyone's favourite because you just get to relax. Bend your knees and sit on your feet and then stretch your body and arms forward, place your forehead on the floor and chill out. 

So, I hope that you guys can try some of these moves and maybe learn properly from the professionals and feel the benefits of yoga yourselves. 


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