Get some Headspace...

These days everyone is trying to find a way to be more 'mindful' with the high stress of society, but it doesn't happen by magic, it takes time to de-stress and there are different ways you can go about it. Recently, i've been reading the book 'The headspace Guide to Mindfulness and Meditation' by Andy Puddicombe, the creator of Headspace. 

(photos by Simon Teasdale)

So what's so good about the book? Firstly it's extremely easy to read, and very relatable. The book is full of anecdotes of about his life as a Monk and how he became a circus performer, and other people he has met on his journey and their stories. One story that particularly caught my interest (I won't give away details) was a man in India that had lost everything and still remained mindful. It really put things into perspective that no matter how bad things get, someone always has it worse and being angry about your difficulties doesn't help anything. 

Another great thing about the book were the case studies at the end. Andy has his own practice helping people with meditation and it is amazing what he can do, from the average person that you think is okay but really needs help, to people suffering with mental illness, meditation has helped where the doctor can't. With mental health being a big topic of conversation at the moment, it is important to remember alternative remedies such as meditation because I believe that drugs don't always work. 

How has it helped me? I can be quite prone to getting stressed out at times, especially with lots of uni work and being such a busy person, but I can honestly say that this book has changed things for me. Reading it has made me take a step back from my own life and feel gratitude and see what is really important. Now I don't get as worked up about things and I really feel like I appreciate things more, I am reminded everyday how much I enjoy life. I read this book along with using the Headspace app, if you want to give mindfulness a go, take a look at the website here


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