How to stick to goals

It's getting closer to summer and since everyone has most definitely forgotten about their New year goals it might be time to start thinking of some new ones. But the major problem is not making the goal, but sticking to it for longer than a week, we are all guilty of it, you just have to make smart goals in order to make them more achievable, and I have some tips... 

1. Be specific 

What exactly is it you want to do? You might want to lose weight but you need to decide how much weight you want to lose, or how many inches you want to lose off your waist. Just saying you want to lose weight puts you at a downfall from the beginning because you don't have a specific end to your goal. The thing that helps me the most is to write my goals down. Once it's written down you've always got the constant reminder of exactly what your goal is, write it somewhere you have to see it everyday so there's no escape... 

2. Set a time 

As well as making your goal specific it makes sense to set a time period for your goal. Otherwise this goal could be going on forever and you'll drag it out and never achieve it. At the same time, if you give yourself too little time to meet your goal and it becomes unachievable then it's only going to get you down. Be serious about it, how long is it going to really take you to finish reading that book, or get down to sub 25 minutes on a 5k? 

3. Tell people 

If you tell people your goal then you're being held accountable for it. As long as you've got an achievable goal you shouldn't be worried about telling anyone because it should then push you to get it smashed. Write it on your fridge so your whole family can see or declare it to the world on Facebook so that you really have got the whole world watching you. 

4. Make it fun

What's the point in trying to achieve something if you aren't going to enjoy the journey along the way. When I see people suffering on diets, I know that the end result will be fab but what about all the times you've spent being miserable on the way to that goal. Instead you need to spice things up to make your goal a bit easier. For example, if you love chocolate, learn how to make healthier alternatives to chocolate, the internet is full of weird and wonderful healthy recipes for you to discover. If you goal is to have saved £200 in 3 months, don't starve yourself along the way or stay indoors, come up with ingenious ways of entertaining yourself without splashing the cash on a heavy night out, or get on Pinterest and make a 5* meal in the comfort of your own home. 

5. Think about the bigger picture 

Right now it might be hard closing the cupboard on that chocolate bar or tub of ice cream in the freezer, but remember that holiday you've got planned that you wanted to lose 7lbs for. Whenever you are feeling like you want to blow out, take a moment and think about the bigger picture, yes the food will taste great now but it won't taste so good when you have to do 50 extra burpees in the gym the next day to burn it off will it? 

My Goals 

So after all of that going on i'll let you all know my goals: 
1. No junk food until my holiday to Brussels on 10th June (So I can have an infinite amount of Belgian Waffles) 
2. Be able to do 5 pull ups by the end of June 
3. Blog post twice a week for the next 4 months 

Good Luck to all! 

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