Idealfit UK

Being a woman in fitness can be difficult, with lots of products and fitness information  aimed towards men, sometimes I think that companies forget that we have arms and legs and like to exercise too. But Idealfit UK have come over from the US and launched here, bringing us top quality fitness supplements aimed at the ladies. 

A week or so ago I attended the launch of Idealfit at Hale Country Club in Cheshire and got to meet the inspiring face of the brand, Lindsey. During the day we got to take part in a fun workout aimed at legs, bums and tums, tested all of the products and had the chance to here all about the brand and ask any questions about supplements. It was great to see all of the women that have jumped on the fitness trend and are making healthier decisions about their lives. Plus I got an overload of protein... 

So why is Idealfit different to other supplement brands? Well they are tailored to a female training programme. All of the products are low in sugar and carbs and each have added vitamins such as B6, B12 and D to stop you from getting fatigued and keep your skin, hair and nails strong. The brand stock Whey Isolate Protein Powder, BCAA and Pre-Workout, giving you all of the products you need to be on your way to a good workout at the gym. Plus, they come in delicious flavours, my favourite is the chocolate brownie protein powder, anything that covers my chocolate craving is great. 

If you want to know more about the products, or sign up to the free training programme available, visit their site here


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