Ignite the Fire

Having only been a Personal Trainer for the past 7 months I need all of the help I can get. In fact, I think that most Personal Trainers are pretty open to help throughout most of their career because there are so many different fitness crazes and new research springing up constantly that it's hard to keep on top of things. Recently I was bought the book 'Ignite the Fire' by Jonathan Goodman, a guide to helping Personal Trainers build a successful career. I would highly recommend the book and here are the reasons why....

This book reminds you of every single reason why you starting Personal Training and why you love your job. At the beginning on the book you are told to think of a list of reasons why you started training and use that as a tool as to why your clients have decided to train. It was really good to reflect on why I love fitness so much because it has given my enthusiasm for my job a breath of fresh air, plus the constant tips of how to help your clients get the results they want remind you how much your job can help others achieve their goals. 

As well as sparking my enthusiasm for fitness, it also made me start to think with a business mind. Being a trainer is all about selling yourself and selling your skills and as a beginner, sometimes I lose confidence in myself and therefore am not selling myself too well. This book gives you an insight into how you can boost your business brain and unique ways of selling yourself no matter where you are. Throughout the book you are given advice from how to get clients to how to maintain them and also create referrals from your current clients, it's a Personal Trainer's Bible to be honest. 

My final point really is that it has reminded me that throughout my career education is key. Often a lot of Personal Trainers do a short course and they're off training people and that's it for them. Now i'm not saying that these people aren't good at what they do but it is the same as any job, you will most definitely become better the more you learn and the more skills you acquire. The book emphasises the importance of continuous education and since reading it i've found myself ready to book onto extra courses and have been reading more much to help not only my knowledge but help my clients progress. If you are a Personal Trainer or are considering becoming one, I would highly recommend that you read this book! 


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