LBP-The Fit Family for You

The Lean Body Project is a private gym based in Stockport City Centre, providing group personal training sessions and HIIT classes for people looking to increase their fitness levels and get results. LBP is a great place if you have a fear of going to the gym because the clients and staff are like a big family and welcome anyone to the team... 

Now I know I am biased because I do work there, but I can safely say that I have never been to a gym where everyone is so friendly, and i've been to a lot of gyms. During your time at LBP you make so many friends and get support from everyone else around you which is amazing if you lack confidence when it comes to exercise. When you first join you are given a nutritional pack and added to a private group where all of the clients and trainers can chat and keep up to date with the latest news. It's ongoing support so you can never forget your fitness goals. 

If you decide to join you can take two options, HIIT classes or HIIT and Personal Training. If you join HIIT, you get unlimited access to the classes that are on early, mid morning and in the evenings, as well as weekend mornings. During the week we do bodyweight, high intensity workouts that help you burn fat but also build your strength, toning at the same time. On the weekends it's circuit time, a mix of bodyweight and weighted exercises to spice up your workout. Or if you want to try your hand at some heavier weightlifting then PT might be for you. During the hour Personal Training there is some cardio to get you going and then we get straight into the weights. If you have never tried lifting weights before don't be afraid, they don't make you look like a man or like you're on steroids, instead they give a nice toned shape to your body and still help you to get rid of unnecessary fat. 

As well as support in the gym, nutritional advice is always to hand as the trainers can all offer sensible advice on how to tailor your diet to your lifestyle and hit the goals you're aiming for. So, if you'd like to give The Lean Body Project a go, visit the website here!


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