I've teamed up with Vapiano to show people that carbs aren't all that bad and they are in fact a great way to fuel your workout. The campaign Eat Pasta Run Faster gives you all of the information you need to know to incorporate carbs into your diet so they can give you energy when running medium/long distances, but still be extremely tasty, in true Vapiano style.

Vapiano have teamed up with dietitian Dr Sarah Schenker to promote good health with carbohydrates.  Sarah is a well-known dietitian with media experience with Sky News, BBC, and This Morning. Sarah has devised two special diet plans that are designed for runners that provides just the right amount of carbohydrate to stop you feeling fatigued and sluggish, but not enough to result in unwanted weight gain. Both diet plans balance your carbohydrate intake with plenty of protein and healthy fats - teaming delicious pasta dishes with vegetable packed breakfasts, soups, salads, and lighter evening meals, which tops up glycogen levels to keep those who run regularly performing at their best and feeling fit and energised.

So we took a lunchtime visit to Vapiano to refuel after a heavy workout and we enjoyed it so so much. I have the Vapiano pasta pesto basilica and Simon couldn't resist a pizza (we may have also sneaked a sweet treat each). Pasta is perfect for people that take part in sports such as 5k and 10k because it is a long chain carbohydrate and releases energy over a long period of time, giving you the fuel you need to maintain a good pace. Pasta is also good for carb cycling, have carbohydrates after a meal so that your energy remains level and you don't end up too fatigued. If you want to add protein to your meal you have to option to add meats to your pasta dishes, making it the perfect all round meal. 

(5k/10k run diet)

(3 Day Carb loading Pre-Race)

All of the Vapiano meals are cooked fresh in front of you so its easy to copy the recipes yourself at home. You also have the option to choose what type of pasta you want to try, there are 11 different options made fresh in the restaurant so your choices aren't limited and you can also opt for spelt pasta. Plus, with the variety of sauces available, it is pretty impossible to get bored. So have you been convinced that pasta can contribute to a health, balanced diet? Get down to Vapiano and explore your healthy carb options. 


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