Fab Abs

Having a flat tummy is the dream of so many people but very few have the dedication it takes to get that washboard look they want. Many believe that with an infinite amount of sit ups you can achieve this but i'll tell you right now that isn't true, if you want to begin a journey to a flatter stomach you have to go back to the kitchen, because it really isn't a cliche when they say that abs are made in the kitchen...

I have numerous clients asking me how to get rid of 'lower belly' fat and every time I disappoint them by telling them that comes with a good diet. People seem to think that when people in they health industry say this they are lying in order to make things x10 harder but it really isn't the case, the exercise and core workouts should be done on top of a good diet in order to get the desired core. However, you shouldn't just want a toned tummmy to look good, having a strong core leads to many health benefits such as having less lower back pain, injury prevention, good posture and making everyday activities easier, the list could go on. Once you've got your diet in check, you can begin compound workouts such as squats, deadlifts, bench press etc that should also be activating your core, but there are also some specific core strengthening workouts that can complement your workout. 

1. V-Ups 

Extending your arms and legs, bring them both towards each other at the same time whilst keeping your head on the floor and using your core muscles so that your back doesn't arch. If you find this too difficult, pop your hands under your bum and just lift your legs up. If too easy, hold a weight. 

2. Flutter Kicks 

Place your hands under your bum and lift your feet a few inches off the floor, kicking them up and down in a small and quick movement. 

3. 100 

This is a very well known Pilates move that is fantastic for testing your core strength. Sit on your bum bones and lean back, keeping your back straight and legs at 90 degrees off the floor. Place your arms out in front of your and pulse them in short quick movements 100 times. 

4. Plank Twists 

Place yourself in an elbow plank position and twist your hips from side to side using your feet to help you twist. Keep your bum down and your core tight so you still remain straight. This is a great workout for your obliques (side of your core) 

5. Leg pull ins 

Sit in a similar position to the 100, n your bum bones and with your legs in the air bent at 90 degrees and lean back whilst also extending your legs out, then bring your body and legs back in at the same time....trust me it's a killer. 

If you begin to incorporate these types of core exercises into your workout you will feel the benefits of a stronger core, and on top of a varied training regime and a good diet you will be a step closer to the flatter tum of your dreams. 


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