Brussels-Chocolate and chips

Last month Simon and I took our last city break before my big move to France for 8 months and boy did we need it! After keeping a stricter diet for a photoshoot and training hard, it was time to indulge in some heavenly foods, and where better to eat your body weight in chocolate than in Brussels?

We stayed at the fantastic Hotel Bloom a quirky place within the centre which provided us with the two most important things, a gym and unlimited breakfast. I would highly recommend staying there if you get the chance to visit Brussels. Day one consisted of discovering the city so we began by walking into town, grabbing a quick burger and discovering all of the different chocolate shops (I promise you will never see so much chocolate in your life). We eventually ended up at Grand-Place Brussels which is a square surrounded by the most opulent architecture, including restaurants, bars and the great town hall. Here we sat and soaked up the sunshine and ate ice-cream. Again, Brussels does not fail when it comes to ice cream either, one might say they are even as good as the Italians. It was a day of wondering about and seeing what the city had to offer. We took a look around all of the different side passages and ended the night with an Italian meal.

Day two....lots of culture. We began the day by visiting the musical instrument museum and trust me, you would never know there were so many instruments. It's pretty fun as it's interactive, you wear headphones and select the number on each instrument display so that you can hear how it sounds. It is set up in the most spectacular Art Deco building which I thought was just as amazing as the museum. As it was sunny, we took to walking around again to explore the city and grabbed a sandwich from Paul's whilst watching passers by at the Grand-Place. Then onto another museum. We visited the art gallery quarter and if you're a student you get entry to all of the different galleries for 6 euros. Within the gallery you can visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Belgium, Margritte Museum, Fin-de-Siècle Museum, and a few others, a variety for all art lovers. Honestly, Simon and I aren't lovers of modern art so we spent a lot of our time in the fine art museum, but trust me there is more than enough to look at. And I cannot forget to mention that we finished the day with waffles. 

Day 3 saw us visit a new part of  town to see Autoworld, and this was our favourite museum. As you walk through the lovely Parc du Cinquantenaire, you are met with a large arcade that resembles Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. On either side of it you can choose to visit the Musée royal de l'armée or Autoworld, and we chose the latter. Even if you don't like cars it's incredible to see the progression through time and all of the cars have been kept in a perfect condition. Even I could admire the beauty and I think it is a place everyone should visit, plus it's well worth your money because there is plenty to see. Day three was also the day that we found our favourite fish and chip shop, which says something coming from England. It was called Bia Maria, right in the centre of all of the restaurants, opposite a casino and boy did they serve good food! The restaurant only serves fresh, sustainable fish, therefore the fish menu changes each day to provide us with the best fish that they can get daily and you can taste the freshness for sure. The menu isn't huge, but that means that their dishes are made perfectly each time. If you're stuck for choices I would definitely suggest the classic Panko fish with seaweed salted chips, it's what they're known for and my god is it good! 

So there you have it, if you are planning on visiting Brussels here are a few tips on where to go and if you weren't planning on going, add it to your checklist because it is definitely a city that everyone should visit. And I didn't mention in the post, but there are loads of places to get chips so make sure you're eating them everyday! If you want to know anymore details about the trip feel free to comment on the post and I'll get back to you! 


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