Lac d'Annecy Cycling Tour

I do love exercise but i'm not a cyclist. The thought of cycling on a busy road scares the life out of me and as much as I would like to throw my bikes on a bike rack and go for a good old cycle in the country i've never done it, but times are changing. Last weekend I embarked on the mighty task of cycling around the entire circumference of lake Annecy and boy did I feel it when I had finished, however it has inspired me to encourage you all to get on your bike and ride. 

So like I said, I can't call myself a cyclist but since moving to Annecy I have been cycling to work everyday (only 10 minutes) and I thought it would be a good idea to go the whole way around the lake because it would take a pretty long time to walk it. I started the tour at the centre of Annecy and if you are facing the lake, I turned right to head past Marquisats that way round. Annecy is really good for cyclist because there are plenty of signs to tell you where to cycle so if you just stick by the lake you will eventually cycle past some boats and see a cycle sign that tells you that it's the start of the cycling lake tour...

It's a pretty nice cycle to start, you are not near the road and it is a separate path to the footpath so you don't have to dodge people, plus it's a nice flat surface so you can breeze by without many problems. The great thing is that people of all ages and abilities cycle so you definitely won't feel silly taking the plunge. As you cycle you will want to stop to see all of the beautiful French provincial buildings and get a glimpse of the lake, which is fine because there are plenty of campsites along the way and cafes you can stop at.

So here is where it gets a bit tricker...or not. You will begin to see signs for Doussard and you will arrive at a crossing where you can either cross the road and continue ahead on the bike path or turn left to go around the roundabout. GO AROUND THE ROUNDABOUT. You will want to take the exit straight over to Talloires and have to cycle on the road for a little bit. After cycling for a short time you can cross the road and take another cycling route off road (though I am not sure where that leads to) or you carry on along the road and you will eventually see the lake on your left again. Personally I didn't have a problem with drivers as they gave me lots of room and there weren't many cars about, but you must keep looking because there are points where you can cross the road and take the cycle path. 

And a bit more difficult...When you reach Talloires you will be on the road, and up a hill, a very steep hill. You may be great and absolutely smash this but I had to take several breaks, and I mean several. You think the hill is over and then you have to go round a bend and keep going, push through though because the decline on the other side is quite rewarding and it feels great not to have to use your legs for a while. After this it goes back to pretty level ground, you have to cycle on a mix between the road and cycle paths and you get to see lovely little villages and boulageries which might tempt you. You will cycle through Veyrier and then get back to a cycle path by the side of the lake near Annecy-le-vieux and then you've pretty much made it, congratulations! 

The cycle took my around 4 and a half hours in total, including my lunch stop but the time didn't really matter I just really enjoyed being on my own and spending the time not worrying about anything and feeling quite free. So, even if you aren't visiting Annecy anytime soon (even though you should) go to the countryside and have a cycle because you'll feel fantasic afterwards. 


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