Legs 11 and Booty Building

Getting good legs doesn't mean you have to hit the leg press everyday and be lifting heavy weights, of course that helps but there are plenty of bodyweight exercises than can help you to achieve your desired look and keep you legs toned. I have chosen a few of my favourites that help to target the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calves. 

Squats help to tone all of your legs, especially your quadriceps and glutes, they are a simple move than can be achieved by most people anywhere. In this video there are several variations to the squat to help target different muscle groups as well as burn fat. The jump squat increases your heart rate and gets your legs burning, whilst the sumo squat works the inner thighs and the pliĆ© squats focus on your calf muscles. 

Lunges are again another all round leg exercise, they can be reversed to help people that may have knee problems and find it difficult lunging forward. Again, jump lunges are great in a HIIT workout to get your body pumping and the side lunge works the inner thighs too, these are all different variations that can give you a well rounded workout. 

Finally, fire hydrants, donkey kicks and side leg raises all help booty building. These exercises cover all sides of the glutes to help gain muscle, giving you a fuller look. However, building muscle in the glutes doesn't just look good, they are the biggest muscles in your body and can cause injury to your hips if they weak due to muscle imbalance, strong glutes also takes some of the impact off your back and prevent back injury, so big bums are good! 

If you have any questions on these workouts of alternative ones, feel free to comment. 


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