Hilton MCR - A Quintessential Afternoon Tea

Last week my mother and I were treated like royalty at the Hilton Manchester for a quintessentially British afternoon tea and it definitely lived up to standards. I suppose I probably don't need to write much for this post because the photos tell you everything, but here's a little insight into how the day went...

As soon as we entered Cloud 23 we were greeted with the spectacular view of Manchester in all its glory. If you haven't had the opportunity to see the city like that I suggest that you go up there for a drink just to see the view because it's worth it. So we stepped into the room and Said our fantastic host for the day showed us round the VIP suite and we were able to get a 360 view of the city, along with many facts about the surrounding buildings. The day itself was a bit like a Geography/History lesson, with us discovering which buildings were where and the waiters telling us the history of the city. 

Now onto the actual tea. With the quintessential afternoon tea you get an unlimited amount of hot drinks, but beware, if you're like me and don't normally have a lot of caffeine, you'll be whizzing afterwards. I tried the 2nd flush Assam tea (the strong stuff) and my mum tried the Earl Grey Blue which was really refreshing and fragrant. This was accompanied by: 

Cheese and pickle wrap
Ham, mustard and rocket wrap
 Smoked salmon and crème fraiche on brown bread
Egg and cress on white bread
Cheese and onion croque monsieur

and then... 

Classic Sacher torte
 Lemon curd tart
Fruit scone with jam and clotted cream 

Plus more tea, a delightful hot chocolate and a strawberry cocktail to finish us off.

The food was great but I was just as impressed by the service we received. All of the staff, and especially Said took the greatest care to make sure that we were okay and enjoyed our afternoon, which of course we did. 

Life is about balance and although I try to stay healthy most of the time, this was a great treat which everyone needs sometimes. I got to spend the day with my mum chatting and eating cake and admiring the city I grew up in, all in all a pretty good day. 


  1. Ooooo that battenberg 😍 I'd love to go there. I will put it on my list :)

    1. I don't usually like Battenberg but this one was a treat! yeah you should definitely give it a go :)