The Importance of Variety

Of course you need variety in all aspects of your life, but i'm going to just be focusing on why you need variety in your workout routine. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just like to do a bit here and there, mixing up your routine not only keeps you interested in staying active, but it will also greatly contribute to your performance and all round wellbeing.

Different types of fitness... 

Power Strength

This is the physical strength that allows you to pick things up, push and pull and requires power from the muscles. Your short, powerful strength comes from fast twitch fibers which are known as your type two muscle fibers. These are the ones that deliver shorts burst of energy that fatigues easily and are very prominent in sprint athletes and weightlifters. But you don't need to be a weightlifter for strength to come in handy, think about the times you have to lift furniture, carry food shopping or push a heavy trolley, wouldn't it be easier if you had some strength? 

Muscles Endurance 

As we have fast twitch muscle fibers, we also have slow twitch that are used for long distance muscle use. These are your type one fibers and they use aerobic metabolism (oxygen) to give you energy which is why they are great for exercise such as long distance running where you are able to get lots of oxygen to the muscles. 


Cardio is either your best friend or your worst enemy, but whether you like it or not it is essential to your health. Having good cardiovascular health keeps your blood pumping and your heart beating well and without it you are at risk of diseases such as heart disease, heart attack and obesity. The different types of cardio are endless, from running, cycling and swimming to HIIT, Zumba and anything else that gets your heart pumping hard. 


We can see the importance of flexibility when we see elderly people that look frail and are unable to move properly after having operations on their hips, knees etc. Being flexible doesn't mean you can wrap your legs round your head, it just means that your muscles can make the full range of movement that they are supposed to without seizing up or getting cramp. If you do a lot of sport and don't stretch you're asking for trouble. At the same time, if you spend all day sitting at your desk then drive home and sit in front of the TV, you know that's not going to be good for your posture and flexibility. Yoga and Pilates are good ways to stretch, or even just doing some simple static stretches before and after a workout will help. 

As you can see there are a variety of ways you can be fit and in order to maintain optimum health, it is good to try and have a balance of all of these types of fitness. If you're an athlete, keeping this in mind can help to enhance your performance by creating different workouts that mix things up from your usual one. But, even if you're not a pro athlete, having variety in your exercise routine will allow you to stay healthy and keep things fun. 

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