Inspiring in fitness - Damien Coates

One of my favourite things about working in the fitness industry is meeting so many inspiring people and Damien Coates at The Lean Body Project is one of them. Both Damien and Lianne worked together to create a fitness facility in Manchester that brings people together to get the results they want but also make friends along the way. I did an interview with owner Damien and here is what he had to say....

So, can you tell us a bit about The Lean Body Project?  
LBP is a body transformation facility, meaning we specialise in programs that are specific to helping people achieve their body goals 

Why did you decide to open your own gym? 
We actually put off opening our own facility for quite a long time because we didn’t want to be faced with all the overheads and outgoings for bills and equipment etc, so we worked along side other trainers in other gyms but after a number of different set backs and disagreements with previous facility owners as we grew and started having more success we decided that the best solution was for us to open our own facility that way we could finally create the facility that we believe that people really want to go to and be part of

What makes you different from other gyms in the area? 
We specialise in results not training, we provide the whole package, and guide the client from where they currently are and take them on a journey to where they want to be. We educate, motivate and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Our clients often tell us that LBP is their 'happy place’ its the best part of their day and no matter how much of a bad day they might have had they always feel much better when they leave. LBP is like one big family, like a club. People originally come to us for the results but more often than not stay for the experience, the friendships and the camaraderie as well as the ongoing support and accountability. We see our clients as friends and not cash cows, we genuinely care about whats going on in their lives and we support each other as much as we can. We attend social events together, birthday and Christmas parties and of course we even do some fitness related obstacle courses as well.

How would someone go about setting up their own gym? 
I would seriously sit down and crunch all the numbers. For us personally we didn’t want to borrow money from the banks so we worked hard to build up a client base and over time. Do your research, get a solid business plan, and prepare for many headaches and sleepless nights!

What are your plans for the future? 
 LBP is just getting started, we are currently about half way towards where we set out to be and already the goalposts have been moved. We have some pretty big ideas for the future, expanding the current facility, launching a number of different online programs and maybe even another book (or two) who knows where things might be in another 12 months time. Exciting times!

Want to know a bit more about The Lean Body Project or just have some questions about health and fitness? Check out their website here or look out for The Lean Body Project on social media. 



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