World Pasta Day @ Vapiano

Now those of you who know me well know that although I live a healthy lifestyle, I'm all about balance. I would never cut out a whole food group unless it was necessary (due to intolerence or allergy) because I don't believe that everyone is intolerant to gluten and dairy and in moderation they are fine. So, on the days when I like to give myself a treat, where better to fill up on pasta and delicious desserts than Vapiano? To celebrate world pasta day on the 25th of October, I've teamed up with Vapiano MCR to show you how Italian food can be made for everyone and to suit everyone's needs. 

So, my number one favourite thing about Vapiano is that it's all fresh and made in front of you, something that most restaurants cannot say ( as they slip the potatoes out of the freezer and into the fryer). We were able to see the chef making fresh pasta whilst another chef was preparing fresh pizza dough, ready to create a traditional Italian pizza in 10 minutes. But they don't just make one type of pasta, there are a variety of different types that you can choose for your meal, including spelt spaghetti, the possibilities really are endless. 

Another plus is that they cater for everyone. Although there is a menu to inspire you, you can pick and choose what toppings and sauces you want, creating a dish that is suited perfectly to your tastebuds. All of the pasta is made without egg, meaning that it is suitable for vegans and the risotto is gluten free for anyone with intolerance or allergy, (or just if you like risotto). There is also the option to add extra meats and cheeses to your dishes. I added chicken and mozzarella to my Arrabbiata and Simon added extra chicken to his Salame Ricotta Con Rucola, you can tell who is the more exciting one in our relationship.... 

My favourite time to visit Vapiano is lunch because it's so bright and spacious so it still feels fresh even when you're indoors. However there is a great buzz about in the evenings too and although it can get pretty busy, you aren't usually left waiting too long because it's quick and fresh, it's the healthier alternative to fast food. 

So, just so you can see how delicious everything is, here is what Simon and I ate... 


Homemade Tomato Soup 
Bruschetta Mozzarella 


Arrabbiata (extra chicken and mozzarella) 
Salame Ricotta Con Rucola (extra chicken) 


Cioccolata Bianca.... my God. 


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