Is it time for a liver detox?

And no I don't mean spending a silly amount of money on a 5 day juice diet that will cleanse your soul, something much easier and cheaper, cutting down your alcohol intake.

We're back at the start of the year again, the festive period is over and the scales have risen after consuming ridiculous amounts of food and drink, but it's okay because it's Christmas. As a Personal Trainer I obviously promote a healthy lifestyle but even I let it slide a bit this time round because I felt I deserved the break after a year of hard work, (but that's not how i'm feeling now after looking at the scales). However, for many it's time to cut down the alcohol intake and whether you're looking to lose some weight or just be healthier it's important that you put the glass down. 

Alcohol Facts 

I'm trying the shock technique to show you just how bad alcohol can truly be, sure a glass of wine here and there isn't going to effect you much but if you're a regular daily drinker then maybe you should consider taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture....

The recommended limit of alcohol is 14 units per week for both men and women which is the equivalent to 6 pints of beer or 10 small glasses of wine, if you're drinking more than this for 10-20 years this could lead to health problems such as: 
-Throat, mouth and breast cancer 
-Heart disease 
-Liver disease
-Brain damage 

and the list goes on.... 

As well as having obvious negative effects on the body such as the ones above, drinking too much can also lead to weight gain. 1g of alcohol is the equivalent to 7 calories, that's close to fat which is 9 calories per gram. This worst thing is, it's just empty calories, alcohol is made up of sugar and starch, they don't have health benefits or leave you feeling full, you're best off eating instead. 

Here's a little infographic to put things into perspective...

Cutting Down 

There's no better time to cut down than now, and you don't have to do it alone, get a group of mates together or your partner and help each other out. Instead of going on nights out every weekend drinking yourself into oblivion, go to the cinema, or go for a meal and stick to one glass of wine. There are so many different social situations you can put yourself in that keep alcohol away or to a minimum, it just takes a little imagination. 

If you're doing your weekly shop and you add a couple bottles of wine stop right there and put them back on the shelf. It's the same idea as having bad food, if it's in your cupboard you're much more likely to have it. Therefore if you have to make the conscious effort to go out separately to get it you'll be much less inclined. Plus it could save you some pennies. 

Smaller is better. Tried eating smaller portions of food? Why not try a small glass of wine or get half a pint in the pub instead of a full pint? If you actually enjoy the taste of the drink slow yourself down and take the time to appreciate the drink instead of glugging it down to get the next one straight in. 

And if all of the above hasn't convinced you to cut down yet here are some of the benefits of a life with less alcohol: 

-Better mood
-Lose weight
-Lower blood sugar levels
-Healthier heart 
-More productive (less hangovers) 

If you're looking for more facts about alcohol or are looking for more advice, use the links below, all reliable government sources! 


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