Brunchin' on Pancake Day

Brunch is that meal for lazy people who don't wake up in time for breakfast or those that are greedy and like to fit another meal into the day, as you can guess I am the latter. It's the new craze meal time in big cities, with everyone getting their poached egg photos on insta. But in this day and age you've got to be cooking up a pretty good meal to stand out from the crowd in the brunch game. Luckily as a blogger I get to eat some delicious meals and tell you all about it, and this one was no exception, so let me tell you a little bit about 19 Cafe Bar...

Really, after looking at those pictures I don't really even need to say anything, I bet you're drooling already aren't you? But as this is a written blog so I must go on.

I chose pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, it's my go to brunch meal and I can never get bored of it, so I have a taste for it and can separate the good from the bad. This was incredible. I'll admit, i've never had icing sugar sprinkled on top but I definitely can't complain, the pancakes were thick and fluffy and as always, the perfect combination with salty bacon.

If having a sweet for brunch isn't your thing do not worry, there is so much more available for you to sink your teeth into.  On the brunch menu (served until 3pm) food ranges from your classic full english to a grilled cheese toastie if you're on the go. Or even if you're wanting to eat a little later, the lunch menu is available until 5pm and you can find  sandwiches and paninis or even take things a bit further with a veggie burger. 

But it doesn't even stop there...As it says in the name, Cafe Bar, you can have your morning coffee there or sit back and enjoy a cocktail with friends in the evening. It is open till late Thursday-Saturday and you can head down for open mic night on a Thursday. You could pretty much stay there from dusk till dawn and never have to leave. 

Now with it being pancake day today, I'd suggest you get down to 19 Cafe Bar ASAP and get onto their pancakes, you can opt for the salty bacon stack like me or if you've got more of a sweet tooth have them topped with fresh fruit and a drizzle of syrup, the choice is yours! 


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