Self Care with Essential Oils

A lot of us should be taking more time out for ourselves, that's right I'm saying that you should be more selfish. It is all about you, you, you because if you can't care for yourself how are you supposed to care of others? This is a quick post to share my top tips of ways I spend me time without breaking the bank...


There is literally nothing better than a bath when you're not feeling 100%. Whenever I'm feeling achey or sorry for myself I instantly head over to the bathroom and stick the hot tap on, why? Because there is just something comforting about sitting and relaxing on your own without any distractions apart from your favourite magazine. If you have trouble sleeping, run a hot bath before bed and add around 8-10 drops of Lavender essential oil to the bath whilst it's running. Not only does the effect of going from a hot bath to a cool room help ease you into sleep, lavender has a calming effect on the body and should send you straight off into a slumber. 

Face care 

I'm the guiltiest person ever when it comes to forgetting to moisturise, I should but I don't and then I end up with Sahara dessert style skin. Rose Hip oil  is full of antioxidants and fatty acids that help to moisturise the skin and reduce the appearance to wrinkles and patchy skin. In a pot, mix some melted coconut oil with a few drops of Rose Hip and massage into the skin. Giving your skin the time it needs is a must if you want to look after yourself properly. 


Everyone loves a good scrub after a sweaty gym session, but instead of putting loads of crap on your skin why not opt to make your own exfoliator. Mix two cups of thick brown sugar with 1/2 a cup of olive or coconut oil and 10-12 drop of your favourite essential oil. Then place this in an air tight container where water won't be able to get in. You'll feel fab, but also bloody brilliant for making it yourself. 

Hair spray 

Now I have a different hair routine from most people, hence the afro, therefore my hair needs a LOT of moisture. However that's not to say that most hair types don't need it too. Grab an empty spray bottle and fill it with filtered water, then add a couple of drops of essential oil. Whenever your hair needs a little refresher then spray it all over, then add your favourite product if necessary. I use this in the mornings to add a bit of moisture after sleep. 

So there you have it! A full me time pamper night planned. Now all you need is your favourite film, some good food and an empty house. And if you want to find your favourite essential oils check out Buff & Butter



  1. Oils. I've seen some. And there's a lesson I've made from rubbing unknown substances into my skin.
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