F45 Fulham - 1st Class Training in London

Whatever chance I get to do exercise i'll take it, whether that means I'm supposed to be having a chilled out holiday in the sun or a city break, there's just a part of me that can't help it. So a couple of weeks ago when I visited London for the UK Blog Awards, my manager hooked me up with one of THE friendliest trainers I've ever met and I was put through my paces at an intense resistance session in Fulham. 

If you haven't already heard of F45 and you live in London then you need to get onto them ASAP, with over 15 studios in the London you're never far from a place to train. In my opinion it takes the best parts of resistance and cardiovascular training and combines them to make intense, but fun workouts. 

What happened in my session... 

So, it was already 25 degrees outside so you can imagine how sweaty the session was, but more sweat = better workout. I arrived at the boutique studio, as most people do visiting a new gym, a little apprehensive, is it going to be too hard? Are the trainers going to be nice? See, even this happens to Personal Trainers, but I was really pleasantly surprised. The staff and trainers were really welcoming, something you don't expect AS much in London compared to the North, the studio was super light and airy, and although small, they utilised the space really well, managing to easily fit a class of 12 of us. 

Trainer Christian looked after me during the session and made me feel really welcome, whilst throughout another two trainers kept an eye on my technique and pushed me with harder weights so I was really pushed above my normal training boundaries. Doing classes and training with a PT is a really good way to give you a good kick up the bum and remember how intense your training really should be. 

I did the Renegade resistance workout, 45 minutes, 3 exercises, 30 secs each exercises, 10 seconds rest, 2 rounds, 4 different circuits. That's 2 rounds of 12 exercises, and at first I was like "this is cool, I can do this"......4 minutes in I was definitely not feeling the same way, it was INTENSE but so worth it. I got a serious sweat on but everyone, even the other members were pushing each other to keep going and just get through, s/o to Christian for keeping me going! 

I would really recommend checking out F45 Fulham if you're ever in the area because you can guarantee whichever workout you do, you'll leave needed a long shower and a pizza, and that's exactly how you should feel when you've worked out. 



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