Post Hiking Yoga

Hiking and walking is soooo underrated as a form of good exercise. If you aren't prepared for a good long walk it can result in major muscle ache and tiredness post walk which you weren't expecting. Incline walks are a great form of exercise and beneficial for a lot of people, especially older people who may be less able to take part in high intensity exercise. Walking puts less of a strain on the knees compared to running and can really build up your leg muscles, you've seen pro hikers with the calves of Gods. But anyway, if you want to make sure your legs recover properly from a long walk it's important to stretch afterwards, as you would with any workout, so here are my favourite stretches to do after a hike...

Wide leg forward bend 

Separate your legs as wide as you can with a slight bend in your knees if more comfortable. Hinge your body downwards at the hips and then interlock your fingers behind your back, bringing them as high in the air as you can. This stretch not only gets your hamstrings but your chest as well, which often needs loosening if you've been carrying a backpack all day. 

Pigeon pose

This is my go to move for anyone who has tight hips, it can be a bit challenging so you've just got to practice, practice, practice. Place one knee in front whilst bringing the other leg behind you, try and square off your hips to the front of your matt (which will be difficult if you have tight hips like me). If you're trying to twist your hips to both face forwards you should feel the stretch in the front of your hip (hip flexors) and around your bum. 

Hamstring stretch with resistance

If you're a runner, hiker or cyclist, chances are some part of your legs are tight and for many people it's their hamstrings. This move is great if you don't have much flexibility as the resistance bands gives you a bit of leverage. If you can't straighten your leg then that's fine, just keep practising and work to get your leg as straight as possible for the best results. 


If you've ever done squats and not stretched properly, the next day you'll definitely have felt the burn in your inner thighs. This is your adductors, the little muscles inside your legs. Doing the butterfly stretch will stretch these muscles and leave you feeling not so tender after leg day.

Quad stretch 

Incline hikes can take their toll on your quadriceps so you'll 100% need to stretch them if you've been mountain/hill climbing. This stretch also opens up the hip flexors, and if you find it too challenging gripping onto your ankle with your hand, grab a small hand towel or a resistance band and wrap it around your foot. 

Seated back bend 

Walking is a very linear movement, backwards and forwards and you won't be twisting very much, therefore this seated back bend offers a little stretch and flexibility to your back when you've been in an upright position all day. Giving your back this movement will stop it from seizing and getting tight after a walk. 

Figure of 4

This is the glute workout of the Gods if you have a tight glute muscles. Place one foot over the opposite knee and pull your grounded leg off the floor by holding onto your thighs. Chances are if you haven't stretched your glutes before you're going to feel this one...

If you want any more hiking/stretching tips, comment below or drop me an email at


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