Brunchin' at Gusto

Is there anything the millennial British love more than brunch? I'd struggle to find someone that says no to this. Brunch, that awkward time in-between breakfast and lunch has opened up brand new times and menus for restaurants and has now made eggs benedict one of the nation's favourite meals, but with so many options, where do you go for a lazy Sunday brunch? Well we headed to Gusto in Knutsford a few Sundays ago and indulged in a hearty meal with some other bloggers. 

If you've never been to Knutsford and you live in the North West then you need to get yourself there ASAP. It's a small village in the heart of Cheshire that boasts beautiful architecture, endless restaurants and the amazing Tatton Park, which spans across 1000 acres of gobsmacking grassland. You can literally take a few steps from Tudoresque buildings to this outstanding park, hosting a stately home and deers, sounds like the perfect place to live right? When you'll need a bit of cash to live round there. We strolled down the main road where we got to the pretty lights and green decor at Gusto and stepped into one of the most Instagrammable restaurants I have ever seen. 

With it being a blog event, there were cameras spread across the table and everyone getting shots of the beautiful interior and fancy cocktails, but it was a great way to meet new people and learn about how other bloggers do things. The menu offered a range of brunch meals, from sweet to savoury, but I couldn't help myself and stuck to what I love best, a full english. Whilst we waited for our food, we were offered a host of cocktails, i'll admit it was a little too early for me to drink alcohol but they looked delicious all the same. Once the food came we were blown away with the presentation, so much so that it felt like a shame to ruin it, but it had to be eaten. 

Some of the meals on the menu included my full english, potato rosti with egg, pancakes and toast topped with nutella, banana and cherries, sounds good right? Well it was, and once we had gone round and taken all of the photos it was time to tuck in and enjoy the food. Gusto were able to tend to any needs and changes on the menu, offering whichever type of egg I wanted with the meal and offering alternatives to the tomato on the full english ( which I still don't understand this tradition). The hot drinks were pouring and it couldn't have been a better way to spend a late Sunday morning, if you're looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy the weekend then get down to Gusto Knutsford


Ramble through Buxton with Patagonia

It's been a heavy few weeks, working everyday for the last 2 weeks I was in need of a little time to myself, not writing client training programmes, not being in the gym, just letting my mind have some time on it's own to relax. Simon and I had planned to go on a hike last Sunday but weren't sure where to go, enjoying the outdoors but not being advanced hikers, we often end up going off on a tangent which can be fun, but we never take the path we're supposed to. So, finding out that Patagonia Manchester were going to lead a walk in Buxton, we leapt at the chance of meeting some new people and actually following a set route that we can do again in the future. 

It was 8:00am on Sunday morning, and being nervous that I was going to be the beginner in a group of advanced hikers, I was beginning to doubt whether or not just to do our own thing like normal. However, after a big breakfast (bacon of course) and a shot of courage, I realised that I'm never going to get better if I don't learn from others, so we set off for Piccadilly station, scared but excited. We met up with the team from Patagonia Manchester and others that had joined the walk and got the 8:50am train to Buxton, we knew that these guys really enjoyed the outdoors if they were willing to get up at early doors on a Sunday for a hike. 

The train took around 1 hour and cost £10 for a return ride, we passed through stockport and many other scenic villages along the way, making me question whether a move closer to the countryside could be on the cards in the next few years. Once we reached Buxton, the air was fresh but the summer's sun kept it warm enough to keep jumpers at bay. We walked through the centre and straight through ......park where the early risers were walking their dogs and a group were taking part in a still life painting class....all very English. Once we crossed through the park we came to a small gravelled road and took a right, walking past a few house and then through a golf course.

It was astounding to see how quickly we went from a little town to the rolling hills and countryside, we passed through some farms to reveal the open planes of the beautiful British countryside. Now this is where I get pretty stuck giving you directions as to where we went because I was just too busy chatting to new people and enjoying the landscapes. However, we followed a marked trail and followed signs to Wildmorestone Brook. We arrived at a bunker type building and stopped for a rest (around 1hr into the walk), topping up on water, fruit and other nibbles to push us through until lunch time. Make sure when on a hike you bring PLENTY of water to keep you hydrated, especially with the crazy UK weather at the moment. In terms of snacks, unless you're trying to be super healthy, don't worry too much about having really healthy snacks, you burn a lot of calories on a long walk but fruit, and high carb/protein snacks are great for giving you energy and keeping you full. 

At around 12:15pm we took a short break, overlooking the reservoir below and taking in the outstanding scenery. Sweets, crisps and chorizo were passed about before we headed off up to the right and crossed the road before heading back onto grassland. Here the landscape was flatter and there were more people about. We passed by a small pond and followed the path where we ended up circling round and returning back to the point with the bunker building. From here, we followed the path back from where we came at the start and all we could think about was the ice cold beer (or cider for me) that was awaiting us a Buxton brewery. As it was hitting midday, the sun was beating down on us and our legs were starting to tire, but everyone was still chirpy and we pushed on until the end. Once we reached the park we took the park exit close to the opera house and the Buxton Brewery was just ahead, down a smaller road. 

The mighty journey was finished with a cider, pulled pork nachos and a well deserved nap on the train home. Now we're just waiting for the next event, and hopefully some more of you guys can join too!