A Day in the Life of a PT

I've been a PT for 2 years now and although I love my job, I can definitely say it's been far from easy. At the moment the health and fitness industry is booming, which is obviously great for me, but also means my job role is extremely saturated and you've got to work hard to give yourself a chance to make it. A lot of people think it's an easy job and because they like the gym they will want to be a PT, but it takes a lot more than that. Now I know i'm still pretty much a rookie in the game and they'll be people with far more experience, but this is just a little snippet into how I live my life as a PT... 

5:00am - wake up, do yoga and get ready for work 

6:00am - 11:00am/12:00pm - Train clients 

12:00pm-1:00pm - Train 

1:00pm-1:30pm - Eat lunch 

1:30pm - 4:00pm - session planning & class planning 

4:00pm - 5:00pm - Come Dine With Me (or some other crap television) 

5:00pm-6:00pm - Train 

6:00pm-9:00pm - Train clients 

9:00pm - Eat dinner & try to relax

10:30pm - Bed. (finally)

Now this isn't exactly how everyday goes, obviously it varies and I do more or less work some days but you get the general jist. My point being that even when you're not at the gym with clients you're writing client plans, or finding ways to get new clients or doing general self-employment admin. It's really not as easy as it seems and people who are self-employed deserve more credit than they receive. 

Being a PT isn't all about going to juice bars, posting workout selfies for Instagram and looking good in the latest GymShark gear, no. Personal training is about spending many hours for free in the gym showing your face to members to try and get clients, early mornings, late nights and working crazy hours that mean you don't get to see any of your friends and family, just the other PTs. So, if you want to be a PT then that's great and it's an extremely rewarding job, but don't be blinded by social media and the glamourised version of the job. 


Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Who doesn't love a curry? If you don't then this post may not be for you. I've had my fair share of good curries, but I'm still yet to truly delve into the curry world of Manchester, and explore the great authentic meals that the city has to offer with such a large Asian community. Last week I got to tick Zouk off my list, a restaurant serving authentic Indian and Pakistani food in Manchester and Bradford.

You'll know you're close when you see the pretty lights and smell the aromatic scent of shisha passing through the street. Zouk is placed just off Oxford road in the city centre and is beautifully decorated with plants & fairy lights, the atmosphere is already buzzing by the time you hit the entrance with people laughing and smoking shisha. At the entrance you'll be greeted with the open front kitchen, so you can see just how incredibly hard the chefs  work. 

Being the launch of the new steak menu (and me not liking steak) it was Simon's turn to indulge in the finer things on the menu. The manager suggested going for the best of the best and recommended the chateaubriand steak served with roast vegetables, chunky fries and a special 'zouk' sauce. Now I know you're probably thinking...Steak in an Indian restaurant? Yep, but that's what makes it such a special restaurant, it offers more than your standard Indian. Being plain ol' me, I opted for a chicken biriyani because I strongly believe that one of the best ways to judge a restaurant is by trying one of their most simple dishes. If they can do these well then you know it's a good place to go. p.s I'm also quite fussy and like to stick to what I know...

The biriyani was served with the sauce on the side of the chicken and rice, giving me the option to add as much sauce needed based on my preferred spice level, plus our naan and still leftover poppadoms, we had a feast fit for a king. 

Considering having a curry today then? Well luckily for you, Zouk serve brunch, lunch and dinner, so no matter what time you're in the mood for some Indian food you can find it here. Check out their website for the full menu. 


3 Books that have changed the way I think

For any of you that don't know me so well, I don't just exercise all of the time (most but not all) and I actually love to read in my spare time, being an English Literature student, you can't keep me away from a good novel, however in the last year or so I've been inclined to choose non-fiction books a lot more. It seems as though we are in a bit of a global stress crisis and with more self-help books than ever on the shelves, and we must question why so many of us are suffering with anxiety and depression when we have all of the bare necessities plus more. Some of these books help to put a different perspective on life and make you think about things a from a more positive perspective.

1. Factfulness

If you thought everything in the world was going wrong then you're wrong, and that's a fact. Hans Rosling studied statistics and medicine and has created a quiz that the smartest people in the world couldn't even get right because we all have such a negative outlook on the world. The book really puts into perspective how people across the world live and that there no longer needs to be the words, 'developed' and 'undeveloped' countries because there isn't such a split between the two. Reading this book will make you want to stop reading/watching/listening to the news because of the negative twist it puts on everything, when in reality, things are improving. Although things may be bad, it doesn't mean that things aren't getting better...

2. The subtle art of not giving a f**k

This book does what it says on the tin, shows you how to stop giving a sh*t about the things that don't really matter in life. How many times have you worried about something small which has snowballed into a huge problem and eventually leads to a complete meltdown and questioning everything you've done so far in life? Yeah it's happened to the majority of us, when in reality it really doesn't contribute to your life in any way. Because we panic over so many small things, this leads to us forgetting about the important things, and this book gives you that slap in the face you need to remind you of this.

3. This is going to hurt

With the ongoing news about the NHS, we are always hearing about how targets aren't being met and the ever longing wait for A&E, but do we truly understand just how hard they doctors, nurses, admin staff work? This is going to hurt is full of funny, embarrassing, but also quite mellow anecdotes from a junior doctor and his time working in different hospitals. The book gives you an insight into just how difficult it is being a junior doctor and the lengths they go to to save us. 

Even if you're not a book boffin, it's always good to take some time out and escape reality in a good book. So next time you go to switch on the TV, when not choose one of these incredible books and learn a little more about the world...