Blacks - This Is My Way

Last week Blacks held an event at their store on Deansgate, Manchester to welcome the launch of their new campaign 'This Is (My) Way', celebrating ordinary women who do the extraordinary and take full advantage of the beautiful British countryside through outdoor activities. 

The event featured games, a pop up photo-booth and a short video and speech from the team and some of the women who took part in the campaign, telling us about why they are so passionate about the outdoors and how it helps them. The first video campaign featured Katie, an Oxford graduate and doctor who has been battling with depression and uses the outdoors as an escape and a place to give herself headspace. Katie has taken part in marathons and triathlons and wants to encourage people to use outdoor exercise to help strengthen the mind as well as the body. 

We had the pleasure of hearing Olivia Wood talk to us about her experience outdoors. She is outdoors in the mountains every weekend, whether that be hiking, camping, cycling or climbing, and she doesn't stop their, taking her 5 year old daughter with her too. Olivia wants to show us that life isn't all about the 9-5 and instead we should be exploring the beauty around us, and encouraging it from a young age. 

My favourite part about this campaign is that it's real women, not athletes or 'insta famous' girls who are paid to exercise and spend time outdoors. No, this is simply about the everyday strong females that take time our of their normal working lives to pursue the outdoors. This makes the campaign so much more accessible to us than most, it's much more inspiring and frankly gave me a kick up the bum to realise that if I want to make the effort to be outdoors more, I can and so can you. The UK has so much amazing outdoor space that so many of us don't take enough advantage of, and maybe 2019 is the year that we begin to do so, I most certainly will be. If you want to know more about the campaign, click here to see all of the campaigns. 


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