Mackie Mayor: Taking Social Eating to a New Level

If you've ever decided to eat out in Manchester you'll know that the biggest task is choosing where to go. With a huge up and coming dining scene, we have every kind of cuisine to offer, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to decide when it's all in one place, and that's where Mackie Mayor comes in...

Located on the border of Northern Quarter and Ancoats, Mackie Mayor hosts a variety of different cuisines all under one roof, from Hearty beef meals through to sourdough pizzas and a wine bar. You could spend your whole day from lunch through to dinner wining and dining and trying out a different restaurant each time. Mackie Mayors was conjured up by the creators of Altrincham market, a similar concept based on the outskirts of Manchester in Cheshire. It's child, dog, everyone friendly and has a whole community feel about it when you step inside. The great thing is, it's a place to make you social, set up with rows of benches, you are forced to sit on a table with strangers (a bit like a hipster school hall) and eat, drink and be merry together. 

I've been a few times and opted for a different place each time, most recently I went for La Cucina (Italian) whilst Simon went for Rotisserie, both equally as delicious and serving home-cooked, fresh food that just filled you with content on a cold Sunday afternoon. 

Pork ragu was my choice of dish that day, the best freshly cooked pasta topped with pulled pork in a spicy tomato based sauce and finely grated parmesan to finish it off in true Italian style. Never having tasted a ragu before I didn't know what to expect, I was worried the pork would be too fatty etc, but it was one of the best pork dishes I have ever tasted, whoever thought to put pulled pork with pasta is a genius in my eyes. Simon stuck to a more traditional meal, slow roast pork with roast potatoes (yes, can you see the theme here). I can't comment on how good the meal was, but i'm guessing pretty fantastic if I wasn't allowed much of a taste... Either way the food did not disappoint, and felt us feeling full and ready to brave the Manchester winter weather. 

Next time you're out with friends and can't decide where to eat you now know where to go, with so many different options you can all eat what you like without having to sacrifice for each other. If you want to know more, check out their website here


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