Literally stop what you're doing, stop answering emails as soon as you open your eyes, stop taking up your lunch hour to get some extra revision done, stop scrolling until your eyes start to burn at night. We've become so obsessed with becoming as productive as possible that it's now seen as a taboo to give yourself some time to do something you enjoy and relax. With such an over-productive society, it is more vital than ever that we take time to do nothing with the ever expanding amount of mental and physical health issues we are causing ourselves due to stress and a lack of sleep. But how do we overcome this feeling of guilt? When all we want to do is sit down with a magazine or watch The Simpsons at 6pm? 

Schedule relaxation into your routine 

If you really struggle to squeeze in 5 minutes to yourself then make it part of your routine and schedule it in like anything else. Setting apart a particular spot in the day for relaxation like you would a meeting or work means that you have an allotted time slot for some me time and anything else you need to do can be arranged around it. 

Leave work at the office 

Now that we all have access to our emails from our phones it has become close to impossible to leave work at the office. A lot of job roles these days are digital and therefore work is accessible anywhere and everywhere, but if you're not being paid anymore why should you be doing extra work? No matter what the workload you shouldn't be working outside of your hours as this causes you to overwork which leads to stress and fatigue, so leave work at the office, no buts. 

Is it really that important? 

Do you really neeeeed to do that task? Or can it wait a few hours? Sometimes when we're so tired we become counterproductive and a task that would really take 20 minutes takes 1 hour because you can't concentrate properly. It's times like this when you need to take a step back and think about what is really more efficient, hammering through the work now or taking a rest and continuing later? I know you may be thinking you're in a rush to get the task done, but once your brain is rested and ready to reset, you might just get it done quicker. 

Have a day off 

Just have the day off, no one should be working 7 days a week whether you're employed, self employed or freelance. Give yourself a day where you completely ban yourself from work which will allow your brain to switch off. Maybe even turn your phone off, that way you can't be distracted by emails or social media and instead you spend the day socialising with friends and family. 

It's really not smart or cool to run yourself into the ground, I'm not only telling you guys this but also telling myself. With social media it is really easy to put yourself down and feel as though you're not accomplishing enough, but what you see on social media isn't always true. It's time we all gave ourselves a little time. 


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