5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic is bad for the environment, end of discussion. There's no two ways about it.  Throwing that plastic bottle away or speeding through plastic straws on a night out are only going to end up in landfill that will not decompose properly like natural objects, or worse, end up killing our wildlife on land and in the ocean. As a whole, the world is producing around 300 million tonnes of plastic each year, and where do you think it goes? It doesn't just disappear into thin air. 

We've seen the horrible pictures of turtles getting stuck in the plastic holding cans, and animals being trapped in bits of plastic which will eventually kill them in a way that is horrifically unimaginable, but I bet you weren't thinking of that photo when you chucked that wrapper on the floor? Well things are changing across the world, after Blue Planet 2 and various other campaigns to highlight the damage plastic is doing to the environment, globally we are making a change. It doesn't need to be anything big, just small changes to make a large impact on the world, and here's how to...

1. Soap Bars

Soap seems to be old fashioned these days but it may be wise to swap your plastic bottled hand wash for a standard bar of soap. This means zero waste and usually lasts much longer. Organic health stores and markets often sell soap with paper or zero packaging to help reduce the waste, plus choosing organic, natural products means you know what's going on your skin. 

2. Re-useable Bottles

They're being sold everywhere at the moment so you've got no excuse not to pick up a flask or re-usable bottle to hold hot and cold drinks. Many coffee shops even offer discount on their drinks if you bring a re-usable cup, we're all trying to make the change. If you opt to buy a flask for your hot drinks, you'll be saving a pretty penny making your own hot drinks instead of spending £3 on a coffee every morning. 

3. Buy Un-bagged fruit and veg

Britain are soooo far behind other countries in terms of supermarket packaging. When i've visited Europe and America, standard supermarkets have most fresh products available loose with the option to use a PAPER bag. Sure we can buy loose fruit & veg, but we still have to wrap them in a plastic bag over here. Some organic supermarkets in the UK also offer loose cereals, beans, grains and pulses that you can dispense in your own jars, so simple but makes a big difference. 

4. Get your milk delivered

Milk runs are making a comeback, more and more young people are making an active effort to change their habits to reduce waste and as a result, some careers that were seen to be dying are making a revival, such as this one. Get in contact with your local delivery and check the prices and opt for glass milk bottles instead of plastic. More and more services such as Creamline are extending their services to deliver more local produce, helping the environment and local businesses. 

5. Bring your own bag

We all flew off our handles when the 5p bag came into place, but it really does stop cheap, plastic bags being chucked onto the road and blowing down the street, making our towns look dirty and also harming animals. Every supermarket offers re-usable bags so take advantage, they are usually sturdier and although they may cost a penny more, they'll work out cheaper in the long run. 


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