South Manny Flavaz @Impossible

Last night Impossible hosted the launch of their new menu. With 
 South Manny Flavaz, they've taken over the kitchen to offer us the hottest fusion food around, think American diner mixed with asian spices, sounds a little odd but I can vouch that the food is good. The night brought great food and drink in a chilled atmosphere, all you need for a mid-week evening out...

It's late, cold and dark, so the only thing that will convince me to leave the house on my night off is food, and plenty of it. I'd recently seen that Impossible were hosting a launch for their new menu and I knew I couldn't miss out. The bar is known for it's cool vibes, quirky decor and extensive gin menu, so adding a sh*t hot food menu is only adding fuel to the ever growing fire. If you've been around Manchester in the last few months and headed down Deansgate, you'll most certainly have come across the bright lights and long queues outside Impossible. Their quirky old-school cinema sign with some sort of witty quote (this week's is 'we've got beer colder than your ex's heart) is a sign of what lies inside. 

We headed upstairs where we were greeted with parma violet cocktails in what felt like an old victorian opium den. Deep red booths and long bench-sofas were the perfect accompaniment to the relaxing ambience, add the stag antlers and 1930s speakeasy bar, you've got a fusion of all things great. The tables were set out with spicy lotus root crisps and spiced edamame just to get the tastebuds ready for the real deal. From here came the main show...waiters served platters of bite-sized versions of the menu so we were able to try a selection of foods. My favourite was the chicken and waffles, rosemary infused waffles served with tobasco syrup, coleslaw and fried chicken. The reason this did it for me was the rosemary, I'm not usually a fan of chicken and waffles because of the sweet savoury combination. however, the rosemary making the waffles savoury meant I could really appreciate the dish.  

Other items on the menu consist of Kentucky fried cauliflower, halloumi bites and the Impossible royale burger; chicken wrapped in a crispy coating with salad and house slaw served on a soft brioche bun, I sounds good doesn't it? There's plenty more fusion dishes to offer on the menu which you'll have to try out yourself, take a look online here and book a table now. 


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