Thor's Cave

Just incase you're reading this and hoping you'll find the home of Chris Hemsworth i'm sorry to let you down from the offset, but this is simply about a really big cave hidden in the Peak District. Now if that's what you're interested in then keep on reading because i've got all the details you need...

If you're travelling from Manchester then it's an easy 1h30 drive away, if you're not a confident driver then i'd steer away from going on a rainy day. The fog clogged up the roads ahead leaving us squinting to see if there were cars just 5 meters away from us. You feel like you've just stepped onto the set of The Others, look left or right and there's only white mist to be seen, a pretty eerie vibe but once you're clear of that then it's all grand.

Once you reach the little village of Wetton, you want to follow signs to the car park where you'll begin your journey. No fear if you've driven all this way and you're holding in a little, there are relativley clean toilets by the car park so you're not having to squat in the woods. Boots on, jackets zipped and backpacks filled with food, it's time to start your walk. Head right on the road of the car park and you'll come to a right turn by the side of a farm with a sign pointing to Thor's cave, that's the route you want to take. Walking here you'll have farms either side of you and then reach a T junction where you'll go left, walking away from the village and then eventually slide left again onto a mud path between two fields.

The pathways are relativley well market with wooden signs of where to go, as you walk through the path, chances are you'll see plenty of people walking the same way anyway so no fear. Keep walking down and you'll begin to see what looks like a big cliff edge on your right ahead, that's where you want to be. It's not a very long walk, approx 25 minutes and after clearing the path you'll reach a slightly rockier part on the way up to the cave, be cautious in wet weather or with younger people. It's pretty clear from here where you're going, you'll see the opening of the cave and it's more than enough to blow you away. The best thing is, you don't know where to look, the cave is wonderfully magnificent, but as is the view that it's overlooking.

Before you step into the dungeon, i'd suggest taking a moment to sit on the edge and just take in the beauty that is the Peak District. You're located in the Manifold Valley, White Peak and no matter whether the weather is bleak and desolate or the sun is beaming, it's more than enough to take your breath away.

Heading into the cave, be careful of the smooth surfaces where water has eroded the rock, it can be extremely slippy so you're best staying low and using your hands at points to grip and pull you up. It is known as a karst cave and consists of several different chambers inside. I'm not lying when I say it really feels like you'll shine your torch and Dracula will be dangling from a ceiling somewhere ready to pounce. It is a little eerie but if you're anything like me, it'll only fill your head with the imagining of what has happened here and stories that could be set in such a gothic surrounding.

Once you've had a good rummage, you can head back the way you came or head straight down the steps in-front of the cave, you'll walk down a set of stony stairs in-between the trees where you'll eventually reach a split, go right in an upwards direction. From here you'll reach a farm gate, head up the steep incline and you’ll eventually reach the T junction you were at earlier and make your way back to the car park. 

I’m on the hunt for beautiful locations to hike this year, so if you’ve got any suggestions let me know on social or comment on this post! 


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