The beginner’s guide to Battle rope training

With the fitness industry currently booming, there have never been more ways to work out. Whether you’re an old school bodybuilder or an endurance athlete, battle ropes are the perfect piece of kit to supplement your training.

No matter if you’re training arms, back, chest or legs, the ropes can give you a full body workout. The best thing about them is that they work individually, meaning you’ll be putting effort in from both sides of your body, eliminating any chance of muscle imbalance.

Hate cardio but need to get that extra aerobic training in? Battle ropes solve this problem in an instant. Instead of standing on the treadmill for 30 minutes blast out a 10-20-minute circuit with the battle ropes and it’s guaranteed that your blood will be pumping, your heart rate will rise and you’ll work up a sweat. And by doing HIIT workouts you’ll be using your aerobic and anaerobic systems, giving you the optimum training session.

Battle ropes come in all weights and sizes to suit your needs and surroundings. If you’re new to training then there are lighter options available, or if you’re looking for a hard-core workout then you can get ropes up to 53 pounds. Ropes also come in varying lengths, therefore if you are looking to add this piece of kit to your home gym, you can get shorter ropes that don’t take up too much space.

Want to get practising? Here are 3 battle rope exercises suitable for beginners that you must incorporate into your workout…

1.     Battle Rope Waves

Standing in a high squat position with wide legs to keep you grounded, lift the battle ropes one arm at a time up to head height and back down. As you continue to perform the exercise you will notice the ropes forming a wave pattern. For optimum results, you want to be creating large waves with them. Make sure throughout the movement you are keeping your core muscles engaged to keep your body stable.

This movement works both the arms and shoulders singularly, therefore allowing you to separately use the muscle whilst avoiding strength imbalance.  

2.     Double Waves

This exercise follows the same pattern and the battle rope waves except you are lifting both arms at the same time. The movement mainly works your shoulders and the aim is to get the ropes making large rippling waves.

3.     Inside Circles

Begin this exercise with your hands close together around waist height and slowly start making large circular movements inwards with the ropes. As you become more confident you can pick up the pace creating large circles lifting most of the rope off the floor. Keep your knees bent, at least hip width apart and engage your core. By placing yourself in this position you are still utilizing other muscles in the body whilst focusing on the shoulders, giving you a full body workouts.

Now you know the basics it’s time to get your own ropes and start training. You can purchase ropes here at Once you’ve mastered these exercises they are a whole range of battle rope exercises for you to explore that will give all of your muscles the blast they need for a short, intense workout