How to be More Productive

As i'm writing this, the rain is coming down hard and fast. It's the kind of weather where you walk outside and you're blown sideways. So not only am I writing this to make you guys more productive, but I'm doing so to remind myself that I still need to do SOMETHING despite the awful conditions, instead of curling up on the sofa and watching LOTR. No one is 100% productive all of the time, that would be insane, it's essential that you get time to relax. But sometimes that relaxation can turn into laziness, so here are a few quick tips of how to be more productive with your time, even when you don't feel like it...

1. Podcasts

It's one of the easiest ways to gain more knowledge and you can do it wherever and whenever. How many of you spend time on public transport just sat scrolling through your phone, or staring out of the window not really doing much. This is definitely time you could be spending doing something productive, and that's where podcasts come in. Apple have the podcast app, or you can get podcasts on Spotify, search your favourite subject and then try different ones out until you find the right podcasts for you. You'll find anything and everything on there. 

2. Clean House Clean Mind 

I don't know about you, but I really struggle to work when in a messy environment. If your surroundings are cluttered then so is your mind, so having a clean, tidy working area can really help you to focus on what you're doing. Take 5 minutes before you start working to organise the area so you can set on the ahead with a clear mind space. 

3. Write Everything Down 

If you struggle remembering things then this point is crucial for you. Make sure you always have a notepad with you so that you can take anything down that you need to remember. Often we don't do things because we forget all about them, being able to see what we need to do and physically tick them off a list can really help you on your way to a more organised life. 

4. Multi-Task Less 

If you know you're a master of multi-tasking then you can probably skip this stage, but for those of us that aren't quite so skilled then listen up. Trying to do two things at once often means that you aren't giving each task all of your attention which can mean the quality of your work is sacrificed. This isn't just doing two work tasks at once, but it also includes trying to do something whilst watching the TV or scrolling on your phone. Hone your attention on one thing. 

5. Take Breaks  

No one can solidly work for hours on end without burning out, unless you really are a superhero. Scheduling in rest breaks in between work can help to keep you focused when necessary. This isn't just 5 minute tea breaks, but it is essential to move around and do things that take your mind off the initial task. That way you come back to your desk with a fresh mind, ready to give it your all. 



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