Quark Face Mask

#SelfCareSunday is a hashtag that has been used over 400,000 times on Instagram, it's a new hype to give yourself the ultimate pamper on a Sunday before the busy week ahead, and I think this is brilliant. People are finally coming to terms (including me) that today's society is killing us because of the constant stress we put on ourselves, and a day to just look after our mind and body is truly what we need to refresh both mentally and physically. Self care comes in different forms, from having a day to do all the things you enjoy doing, to have a full blow out pamper session with face masks and all. So, if you love a good pamper on a Sunday I have the perfect homemade face mask recipe for you. 

I'm very conscious about what goes on my skin, which is why I prefer to buy from natural brands, but there is truly no better way to know what goes in your skincare than if you make it yourself. The best thing is, most of the things you can use as part of your beauty routine often already live in your fridge! 

My favourite face mask for rejuvenating the skin is a quark and cucumber mask with added vitamin E. Quark is one of the latest 'superfoods', similar to cottage cheese and yoghurt, but with a naturally higher protein and lower fat content. It's full of vitamins and minerals such as B2, B6 and B12, as well as calcium which could have potential health benefits for our skin. Topped off with cucumber, it makes for an especially refreshing face mask. And I add the vitamin E for extra hydration for my dry skin. 

How to: 

Simply peel a quarter of a cucumber, cut into chunks and then place in a blender until smooth. Then add this to 6-8 tablespoons of quark and 2 drops of vitamin E oil and mix until well blended. 

Make sure your face is clean and dry, then evenly spread the mixture onto your face and leave to sit for 30 minutes. It may feel tight or itchy on your face, but don't worry, that's just the enzymes in the quark doing their magic. 

To remove, simply wash off with warm water. Do not apply any face creams immediately after removing as the mask is still working its way into your skin. 

If you're looking for more ways of adding natural ingredients such as quark to your beauty routine you can find them all in the Ultimate Quark Guide and Cookbook here on the Queen of Quark website. You'll also get access here to a free eBook when you subscribe to their weekly emails. 


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