Yoga for Cyclists

Cyclists, like most people that participate in sport usually have tight muscles. This is inevitible because you are constantly using the same muscle groups, and if you don't stretch, the muscles will continue to shorten and get tighter.

When repeating an exercise, it strengthens the muscles which is great to improve your .... in the sport, however if you aren't stretching, excess muscle tightness can lead to injury, pretty easily. How many people do you know that take part in a regular sport that have had an injury? It doesn't even have to be an injury caused by the sport, you could simply pull or damage something doing an everyday activity more easily if the muscles are tight.

Cycling causes a very particular movement pattern that is unlike many other sports, regardless of whether your road or mountain cycling. Therefore this movement pattern uses specific parts of the body that become stronger and inevitably tighter. This blog post pin points some of the main areas that are prone to tightness when cycling and ways to relieve this with yoga poses.


When cycling, your neck is constantly craining up to be able to see the path ahead. In-order to lift your neck up and hold it in place your trapezius are working extra hard to secure and stabilise the neck. Although strong traps is the dream of most bodybuilders, it is also a key area that can feel tight and cause discomfort. Here are some yoga poses that allow you to relieve tension in the trapezius...

Lower Spine 

Even if you don't cycle, chances are at some point in your life-time you have experienced lower back pain, it's an extremely common problem. When cycling you tend to hunch over and which creates a lot of pressure on the lower back. 

IT Band 

The ..... or IT Band is the muscle that runs down the outer side of the thigh and connects the knee to the hip joint. With the constant cyclic movement of the legs it can cause this muscle to become extremely tight. This is also a common problem with runners, however it can be stretched very easily with these exercises...


Tight hamstrings are the bane of my life, constantly praying for relief in the back of the thighs. I dread the day that i'm due a sports massage because it means tears and bruising. But maybe if I did stretches such as these a little more often then I wouldn't babble like a baby on the massage table.


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